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Success Metrics Rating (SMR)

Tema app’s Success Metrics Rating (SMR) and the algorithm behind the model is our black box of Empathetic Intelligence for yourself and your team! It provides the team leader and team member with a global view on the success rating of the team, individual scores are private, and the overview is visible to the team leader.

The SMR should be used on an ongoing basis to track the measured responses of the team leader compared to team members to compare changes over time. It includes an AI driven backend to recommend changes and updates based on historic data and internet data.

The 10 metric rating gives a powerful result for companies to measure real progress, take action on low scores, and celebrate high scores. 

The ultimate goal of the SMR is to measure happiness at work which will become a standard metric in the future when candidates are selecting the company they want to work for.


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Career Guidance Assessment (CGA)

Career Guidance Assessments can help students to narrow down their career choices and explore alternative career options. Most career aptitude tests ask questions about interests, values, and preferred tasks, then generate information on potential occupations. With Symotree’s CGA they cover your personality type, your emotional intelligence, your aptitude and abilities as well.

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Wealth Dynamics

Wealth Dynamics was founded by Roger Hamilton, and uses energy based data points to profile entrepreneurs. The term wealth is used to encourage the entrepreneur to use their profile result to increase their wealth by leveraging their time and team.

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Contribution Compass

Contribution Compass

Contribution Compass was founded by Carl Bates, and is all about unlocking your natural energy and is both for individuals and teams. There is a 96 point review to get an accurate and comprehensive result.

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The Personality Lab

The Personality Lab testing tool has been meticulously crafted by a licensed psychologist who is not only dedicated but also an accomplished psychology researcher. Drawing from expertise in qualitative market research, quantitative evaluations of psychological tests, and extensive experience in social attitudes research, the psychologist contributes a wealth of knowledge to the tool. With a commitment to scientific rigour, the Personality Testing Tool ensures a user-friendly experience. The Personality Lab’s goal is to provide accurate assessments that foster self-awareness and understanding.

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Stress Mastery Assessment (SMA)

Crafted for both engagement and enlightenment, The Stress Mastery Program stands as the sole online training designed to teach you the art of comprehending and effectively managing stress. This program serves as a step-by-step guide, empowering you to profoundly reshape your relationship with stress.

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Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics, co-founded by Roger Hamilton and Michelle Clarke, employs energy-based data points to comprehensively profile teams. This unique approach harnesses individual talents within the team, motivating team members to leverage their profile results for enhanced contributions to both the team and the overall success of the company. The focus is on empowering each team member to strategically utilize their innate strengths for collective growth and success.

> Certified Coaching available

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