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Discovering the right personality profile test for you has never been easier.

For entrepreneurs, teams and students

Your quiz results will customise your experience and present you with the most suitable tools for your current needs.

Profile. Plan. Progress. Succeed.

Curious about personality profiling?

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Understanding your personality type can greatly improve decision-making in all areas of life, not just personal matters but also at work. Personality tests do more than just label you; they help you understand yourself deeply, uncovering how you think, learn, and perform best. This self-reflection reveals your natural talents, strengths, and how you fit into a team.

Shocking stats show that 70% of people are unhappy in their jobs, affecting not just work but also their personal lives. This dissatisfaction takes a toll on overall happiness and well-being. Do you truly enjoy what you do?

The National Career Development Association emphasizes that people are happiest and most productive when they use their natural talents to the fullest. The key to becoming happier lies in understanding how you work best. Personality testing is crucial in this journey, offering self-awareness and paving the path toward a more fulfilling life driven by purpose.


Join millions of people who have taken personality profile testing, the first step towards understanding yourself  and becoming happier at work, everyday.

People found that they improved their lives using personality profile testing tools

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Are you like thousands of stuck people who know they want to take a personality type test, but are overwhelmed because there are so many to choose from?

Using the tema app today can change your life!

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tema app is focused at streamlining the process for entrepreneurs, teams & students to choose, complete, learn & grow from personality profile testing

Let us help you make more effective decisions, for you.


The tema app pathway helps to improve happiness at work in three key methodology phases

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Profile. Plan. Progress. Succeed.


Unlock Your Potential with tema app!

Discover the ideal profile test for you with tema app – tailored to your personal characteristics, industry, career stage, and objectives.
Get started now to access your results and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth 🚀

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