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About Us

Tema Resources Limited, a UK edtech startup, stands as the visionary creation of our Founder and CEO, Daniel Acutt. Drawing from over 12 years of expertise in personality intelligence, Daniel recognized a market saturated with personal development tools and content but lacking an effortless avenue towards a personalised growth journey.


At Tema Resources, our core mission revolves around elevating workplace happiness. Recent statistics reveal that a staggering 70% of the workforce harbours discontent, translating into a staggering $8.8 trillion annual impact on individuals and global businesses. Now, more than ever, our 3-step process — Profile, Plan, Progress — is imperative. By embracing this structured approach, individuals can revolutionise their lives both personally and professionally, steering towards a brighter future at home and in the workplace.

Streamlining the process for entrepreneurs, teams & students to choose, complete, learn & grow from personality profile testing 🚀

Our Purpose

"Improving Happiness at Work"

At Tema Resources, our overarching mission is to enhance workplace happiness globally. Recognizing that a significant portion of our lives is spent at work, we understand that fostering happiness in the workplace can positively impact not only professional lives but spill over into personal spheres as well. Our commitment is to automate and streamline this transformative process, delivering solutions swiftly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively. By doing so, we aspire to catalyse a widespread shift towards a happier and more fulfilling work-life balance, making this positive change accessible to people around the world.


Tema Resources works with Foundations and Corporate Social Responsibility to help students from developing countries choose the right career path for themselves and also connects them with apprenticeships available to their ideal career.


Our Brands

Over the next few years, Tema Resources will develop the tools and systems to change the world.

The Happiness Score

The Happiness Score is at the heart of Tema Resources’ purpose and means to improve overall happiness at work.

We aim to empower team leaders with unprecedented insights with the revolutionary Success Metrics Rating feature. This cutting-edge tool enables leaders to measure and analyse the 10 most critical metrics within their team and business, offering a comprehensive understanding of their successes and areas that may need attention.


More than just a momentary glimpse, this tool delivers both real-time and longitudinal analyses, empowering leaders to identify strengths, pinpoint areas for strategic improvement, and make informed decisions that foster long-term success and continuous team development.

Cloud with Silver Lining
Happy Team Posing

tema app

Our approach is anchored in the 3 P's methodology, designed to streamline decision-making and assist in choosing the right tools for either a Personal Action Plan for adults or a Career Action Plan for students. Tema app enhances this journey with a tailored quiz that carefully guides you through a range of personality tests, ensuring a customized fit for your specific career and role.

Beyond just selecting the right test, Tema introduces the Success Metrics Rating, a comprehensive tool for tracking and measuring both individual and team progress. This feature is key in monitoring growth over time, catering to personal and team dynamics. Our commitment lies in offering a complete solution for sustained personal and professional development, underscoring the holistic nature of our approach.

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